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    Graphic Design, Logo Design 2012
    “Romios Team” is an athletic group. They cater for people of all standards, from beginners to advanced, and offer a wide range of facilities, from Brazilian jiu jitsu, grappling and kick fight to outside training like swimming, running, cycling and much more. The name Romios  is a Greek word for Romans which is the name by which the Greeks were known in the Middle Ages and during Ottoman rule.
    Design Analysis
    The logo design is based on three main symbols. The muscle arm, a vortex and the colors of ancient Greek amphorae, so as to best represent all the features of  Romios name, its origins and its facilities. The way that all the elements (mane, logo and description) are forming the logotype are creating a dynamic and modern look. The color of the logo is a direct reference in ancient Greek motives.
    Muscle Arm
    Refers to power and strengthen of body and soul.

    The Energy Vortex symbolizes energy concentrated at a centre, moving, stretching and interacts in complex ways. In the logo, the form of vortex represents the dynamic flow of energy that can be triggered by any kind of exercise.
    Greek Spirit of Athlets
    Brown and orange are colours that communicate the original colours of ancient Greek amphorae. Also these are the colours of earth ground and sun. The source of wealth, power, vitality and life.