Romantic of Electronic Samurai

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  • Romantic of Electronic Samurai
    PLUR DJ Samurai
  • I am a romantic of electronic samurai , I have been war for long time , I get salvation because of the music, love and peace create the unlimited power, I battle the numerous, I own the brave and strong, but still left the injury of tears, I am fukatsu, I have a blood-die fighting spirit, DJ electronic love, we are invincible.

    我是浪漫的電音武士, 我不斷在戰場上努力奮鬥著, 音樂讓我得到救贖, 愛與平靜讓我萌生無限力量, 我征戰沙場無數, 勇猛堅強, 但仍不小心留下了眼淚的傷, 我是DJ武神, 我有熱血浪漫的不死的靈魂, 電音愛無敵。
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