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Oil on watercolour paper.
When I was a kid there was not many TV to watch. Of course one reason is poverty, and another reason is that TV was controlled by the government. Anything that touches the slightly sensitive part of the government party was not allowed. I guess that's why artist's put a lot of their creative effort into historical dramas where there are still little freedom.

And that's why I grow up with character in robes, and those long sleeves just not mean to wash dishes. These court ladies' hair weigh tons becauseall the rice glue that fixed their hair like a tower with all the gold, silver and precious gem stones sits on it. God knows under their beautiful appearance, it is a heart that polluted by desire and dirty tricks. They say people attract to their similar kinds, from th

Below is my progress of creating this piece. 

At the first I thought two women one man, but later I think one on one is a better situation.
Than I fixed line drawing on tracing paper, ready to scan!
Making colour rough in photoshop. It give me a rough guide of what kind of mood I want to achieve.
Later, I transferred line drawing onto watercolour paper, mat media over the drawing and start colour with oil. This is the first version, but the muddy background colour doesn't look good. Someone also suggest that the blue clouds should be push back more.
At the final stage, the weather was over 90 degree.I figure that I need some summer friendly background colour to cool down my eyes.Added more clouds to feel the breath better, and create a better movement.That's it!
Thanks for reading til he end.