Rocket science

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  • RKT1
    big water rocket
  • This is a project I started a few years ago but finally finished in 2012.   Based on the principle of the common PET bottle rockets a build a big waterrocket  which I have succesfully launched 2 times. On the third launch the parachute mechanism failed and the rocket crashed and was completly destroyed.
  • finished RKT1 and flight control center  final system checks.
  • some contsruction details
  • carrying the rocket to the launch site for it's first launch.
  • pressurizing the rocket with a bicycle pump
  • the launch mechanism failed and I had to launch it by hand,  rather dangerous, but succesfull
  • succesful parachute deployment and descent.
  • RKT1 after save descent undameged and ready for it's next launch
  • RKT1's  second lift-off
  • still ascending..