Roberto Scarantino

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  • Roberto Scarantino
    Client: Roberto Scarantino, Italy
    Responsibilities: logo/branding & graphic design.

  • In 2010, Roberto Scarantino, a young Sicilian stylist and good friend of mine, asked me
    to design for him the identity for his atelier.
    His creations are fluid and elegant, they shaped the female body like a soft glove
    and they emphasized their femininity in each curves. 
So I designed for him an elegant
    and smooth logo made with his initials that was easy to sew on fabric or to forge in metal.

    Afterwards, I created the business card and the label for his clothes/accessories.
    Printed on a sophisticated paper by Arjo Wiggins, Waves collection, the business card enhances once more the elegance of the logo on a black background.