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Rob&Bob a board game
The game is set in Euston, a semi-criminal district of London in Victorian times. One of the robbers is carrying stolen jewellery from the Northern part of Euston to the robbers' Southern base.
Police were alarmed about it and are moving out from their offices to catch the robber!
Will bobbies be able to figure out who is carrying jewellery and save it?
Rob&Bob game board
Rules leaflet
Set of 8 cards with stands (each represents a policeman or a robber from Victorian times)
Set of 8 cones (4 orange and 4 white cones)
1 traffic light die
2 dice
Jewellery card
Rules leaflet
Cards for 4 robbers and 4 policemen.
Easy game showcase (with cone pieces)
Advanced game showcase (with card pieces)
The whole map
Close up of a fragment of a map