Roady Redesign 2012

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  • Roady Redesign 2012
    Web Design - 2012

  • Project description:

    Roady is one the brand stores from the group Intermarc
    hé, that sells car products and services in car repairing and maintenance.

    We Wiz Interactive, proposed a redesign of the oproposed a redesign of the old Roady website, maitning it's areas but reestruturing the navigation, diminuisging the dept of the site, having all contents on the go.

    With the redesign of the site we add some ux features that gives some extra to the website such as map area and subscrive area that allways present and the menu also always present indepentley if you are at the top of the page or at the bottom.

    Other concern was to give a a refresh look, acordingly with the language and style given to other web sites from the group Intermarché Portugal.

    See it live:

    Project team:

    Design - Bruno Rodrigues
    Copywritter - Daniel Rodrigues
    Html, Javascript, Php - Ricardo Pina
    Account Managers - Miguel Feliz, Teresa Dias
    Creative Director - Nuno Mendes

    Extra thanks to the designers José Sobral and Susana Carvalho who helped with some contents near from the site launch.