Roady Ama o teu Carro

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  • Roady Ama o teu Carro
    Facebook App - 2012

  • Project description:

    Roady is one the brand stores from the group Intermarc
    hé, that sells car products and services in car repairing and maintenance.

    For the celebration of the brand fourteenth anniversary,we Wiz Interactive made a online and offline Campaign.
    The over all idea of the campaign was - What does your car feels?

    My task was developing the the visuals for the online campaign.

    It works trough Facebook were Roady fans could express in a sentence if their car talked what would be their feelings and thoughts.

    See it live:

    Project team:

    Design - Bruno Rodrigues
    Copywritter - Daniel Rodrigues
    Account Manager - Miguel Feliz, Teresa Dias
    Creative Director - Nuno Mendes