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    The aim for this project is to create a system that can measure and visualize the uniques tructure, or DNA, of a road. The system is built upon 3 universal parameters that together make each road structure completely unique: infrastructure, demography and the visible content of buildings and space onthe road. In theory the universal parameters enables the system to work withevery road, everywhere in the world. Like in DNA and fingerprints, the parameters allow the structure to hold, carry and give information that can be useful inmany situations.
  • The grid used to define the Road DNA is inspired by natural DNA and fingerprints - both the design and the structure of the grid.
    The DNA for the Danish street Istedgade and DNA from other roads and streets
    Examples of data collected for Istedgade
    The DNA can be used to e.g. briefly compare characteristics in different roads or streets which can be useful in many different situations. Specific data can also be pulled out fromthe DNA and used for various purposes – e.g. as a design element as shown below.