RitmoGraph = Rhythm and Graphics

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  • Rhythm and Graphics
  • This is a vector graphic series for my Master Degree. It consists of 12 dancing vector graphics + 1 poster for the logo. All the dancing figures are realized by sequences of vector lines, as rhythm is a central element of dancing and graphics too.

    First of all I started taking hundreds of pictures during dancing rehearsals and performan
    ces to grab movements I wanted to transform into graphics.

  • I wanted to use a special printing method to realize the series, so after a quick resource I've decided to use metallic paper (special paper fumigated by metal strip) on which it was possible to print by UV matte paint. 
    As a result I've got a very interesting surface (which is more visible live) on which the black background is matte while the metallic lines reflect the ambient's light which is constantly changing.
  • The logo showing the transition between O and G (corresponding to the final letter of 'ritmO' and the first letter of 'Graph'), expresses the transition between the two worlds: Rhythm and Graphics. 
  • The 12 movements in screen version one after one. 
  • The 12 posters placed next to each others show a chromatic sequence alluding to the life cycle.
  • I decided to open my degree show with a mini-performance. I played on "darbuca" and asked my sister, Dóra Viola, to put the 12 movements in a dance improvisation. The interesting thing is that originally the dance moves were the source of inspiration for my graphics, and this time they became a kind of score for the dance performance.
  • Thanks for watching me.

    Míra Judit Szántó,  MKE / Hungarian University of Fine Arts / Degree show and Best of Diploma / 2012.