Rise of the Humboldt

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  • Rise of the Humboldt 
  • When the sharks and pollution began to take over her kingdom the Humboldt Queen left to search for a new home for her people. When she emerged from the water onto the city beach the bright lights immediately began to melt her tentacle crown, forcing her to remain in the world of the humans.

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    Sometimes an idea drives every detail of a shoot, dictating what props need to be used etc, other times the props dictate the shoot. This was the case for this image, it happened almost out of accident. I was in an asian market and just happened to see an octopus for sale. The first thing I thought was – “We have to put this on someone’s head!”.That is exactly what we did. We added about 1/2 gallon of corn syrup to the shoot to give it a bit more detail, and help bring out the highlights of the octopus. In my opinion you can never have enough corn syrup or baby oil around for photo shoots.