Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition

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  • Rio 2016 Olympic Park Competition
    Entry Proposal by BAU

    This competition hosted by the municipality of Rio de janeiro and the Brazilian Institute of Architects (IAB-RJ).
    The brief asks the master plan to fully accommodate the needs of the Olympic Games in 2016, and further more, the post game development of the site as a sustainable city in 30 years time. Our proposal is based on the foundation of developing 'network city' that has mixed zoning and optimised transport system, which are what we believe the key factors of a sustainable future. The site will also feature state-of-the-art infrastructure and energy solutions to achieve carbon neutral and sustainable living for the whole community, as well as a role model to for rest of the communities in 30 years time.
    A Fly-through of the Olympic Park during its Game-time and Legacy stages.
    Credits to the 3D team at BAU.

  • Eco Tower Structural Diagram
  • Eco Tower Functional Diagram
  • Solar Profile
  • Street Section
  • Credit:
    BAU Team
    General Coordinator: 
    James Brearley (Principal of BAU)
    Urban Design Coordinator: 
    Steve Whitford
    Team Leader: 
    Emma Rytoft (Architect)
    General Team member: 
    Ele Ogan (Urban Designer)
    Daofu Lu (Assistant Designer, Landscape Architect)
    Cayetano Alegre (Assistant Designer)
    Arup Team