Ringway Transportation Technology ®

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  • A transportation system includes a vehicle preferably directly or indirectly driven by an electric motor or I. C. engine or jet engine as assembled in invention. It also includes at least three pillar supports with open or close frame which provide a support and guide through which vehicle travels, the pillars are separated apart on ground. It may be connected by power supply wire but no rail or connecting structure on or above ground is required. This system consist of two kinds of vehicle (type A and type B) one is driven by chain drive wheel mechanism connected with electric motor which travel through close frame, and other is driven by jet engine mounted on vehicle travel through open frame above the ground. One jet engine is mounted on middle portion of vehicle and other is mounted with vertical stabilizer. There is a chain drive wheel device which is combination of chain link and force transfer chain which will engage with the mover on the pillar supports used to drive the vehicle. The frame on pillar includes roller arrangement which guide, stabilized and helps in change direction of the vehicle. The deflection plate or deflection plate cage is mounted on vehicle which is used for deflection absorption and also helps in turning of vehicle. The deflection plate is provided with system for lubrication and cooling. The suspension system is also applied to the system to absorb shock to smooth the travel of vehicle. There are three type of breaking system is provided to stop the bus or vehicle. There is system given for change of path and used for passenger boarding station.