Rings of Saturn — Motion Projection Demo Game

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  • Rings of Saturn was a demo application for the Moject (Motion Projection) project. It combined a pico projector and an iPhone to create a game that you play by tilting the device in your hand while observing the world you play in projected on a wall.
  • Development

    This was my first iOS project and was developed as a quick prototype for the client. It was created at the time when no good free 3D libraries for the iPhone were available so I programmed my own based on prior positive experience with Microsoft's XNA Framework. This eventually led to what is today the XNI Framework.

  • The GUI (title and cockpit overlay) was designed by colleague Jan Hadžić.

    The spaceship used was an old low-poly model I made for a personal project. It proved perfect for the technological capabilities of the iPhone at the time.