Rihanna 777

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  • Rihanna: The 777 Tour
    Directed by: Toby L & Nicholas Abbott
    Two seperate documentaries following Rihanna performing seven shows in seven cities in seven days. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7. The documentary follows Rihanna, the band, management and crew, along with 250 journalists and 50 fans on a private jet, flying to a new country every day.
    The edit comprised of a 41 minute TV special, aired on the FOX network in America, and an uncut 77 minute documentary released on DVD.
    My biggest edit to date, performed under enormous pressure and deadlines. The huge wealth of footage meant that starting with an inital 15 hour assembly (put together by co-editor and director Nicholas Abbott) helped speed the edit up dramatically. As the documentary had a definite structure laid out already (the tour) it meant I could get straight in to editing a compelling story. A huge amount of fun combined with very hard work and very long hours meant we were able to deliver two documentaries, each with their own identity, in under 7 weeks.