Ride the 9 - Feature Film

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  • Action/Drama
  • Director / Producer - Blake West
    Writer / Producer - Camille LaBry West
    Story by: Blake West, Jordan Marder, and Mark Favreau
    Ethan Brewer has a bright future ahead of him.  He's an artist at the pool table, having been mentored by "Easy", who took Ethan and younger brother Matt in when they were kids.  But when Ethan gets in trouble with a New Orleans gangster named Marcus, who breaks his arm and warns him never to come back, he gives up the sport. Eight years later, Matt's in trouble with Marcus as well, and Easy comes calling, pleading with Ethan to come back.  So he leaves Los Angeles and returns home. There's only one way they can get the $300,000 Matt owes Marcus: Ethan's got to play.  But with a gimp arm, missing brother who might be dead, and knife loving psychopath hell bent on revenge, "winning" also means living through another day.