Retro 80's New wave dance party Logo

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    Start to finish process work developing the look and feel of a dance party extravaganza
  •  This Denver Dj Duo Shannon Kelly of Neon Knights and James Miles of Double//Shadow needed a look inspired by the fast paced adrenailine soaked films and music of the early 80's, The name of the night was undecided so I created logos for both  ideas they had floating at the time.  Below are the first concept sketches.
  •  The first Batch of drafts represent the "Audio Visual Disco" namesake and the second batch is the "night Drive" Moniker.
  • The guys decided the following logo (the  version i called "Freddies Dead" after the Nightmare on Elmstreet movies). I set to work finding some 80's style color treatments to spruce up the logo.
  • The sound of sultry dance music dripping from the sports cars speakers informed the design direction for the promo materials. I wanted the images to evoke the sounds of midnight rambling, tail lights of passing cars bleeding into fond memories of last nights dreams.
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