Retail International Group

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  • This¬†project¬†is the result of an interesting fusion between a deep respect for traditional values and a passion for contemporary design. The brand is reputed to be one of the pioneers in fashion retailing across Malta and North Africa, and the rich influences emanating from this corner of the world have served as important inspiration for this project. Research into the foundations of Islamic design revealed a deeply ingrained respect for geometry and symmetry, reflected also in Maltese design. A glance at traditional Maltese tiles, fabrics, even architectural structures is enough to confirm the existence of an inextricable link between Maltese and Islamic design in the form of an undeniable reverence for the aesthetics of symmetry. Our intention was thus to promote Retail International Group as a brand within the confines of which the traditional seamlessly merges with the contemporary, and where European and Arabic influences work harmoniously to create a beautiful and intriguing product.
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