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 Octosushi is a virtual sushi bar-restaurant.
This brand is a rich cocktail of health, ethics and humor.
The ethics of the sushi restaurant, digs deeper and reach all points of the the activities they undertake: starting with the production of dishes and ending with the distribution. The ethics is built using essential characteristics: natural ingredients, sustainable product design and efficiency in resources.
The humor consists of the comic character of the logo, the construction of the posters but also the playful mode the design has been made.

Variations of the  logo
Office documents: school letterheads, envelopes, business cards
Tickets with Japanese proverbs about sushi food. 
A  teasing poster series that are gradually revealed to public. 

 Few pages of menu content 
delivery car 
Boxes with the handle sushi sticks 
Box ingredients
Tickets with Japanese proverbs
promotional cubes and candles
covers for sushi sticks
wrapping paper