Responsive site: Webdagene 2012 - Netlife Research Oslo

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  • Webdagene is Norway’s premier conference for web communicators with an expected 300 attendants in 2012. The conference is hosted and organized by Netlife Research, a leading Norwegian user experience consultancy. They asked me to create a series of illustrations with some guidelines to be followed:
    - To be context-sensitive, since they should adapt to the different devices from where the site is visited (computers, tablets or mobile devices).
    - To allude to this year's tag-line, Vs., which refers to the organizer's purpose of placing the attendants in a series of debates instead the usual linear succession of lectures. The illustrations should depict this dialectical confrontation in a graphic way, but somehow eluding any kind of explicit violence.

    - As well, Thord and Inge, my two awesome and enthusiastic partners all along the project, wanted to explore the possibilities of the Parallax effect, for which the elements had to be organized in different layers to create a subtle effect of camera displacement when the page is vertically scrolled.
    You can take a peek at the site here: