Responsive Retina Enabled Website Design & Build

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  • UPDATE: 
    So I've been playing with responsive banners lately, & have updated my website... again, to feature a nice scrolling carousel when viewed on a larger screen, which magically disappears when viewed on a tablet or phone.

    THought it was a nice way to showcase my work, but do think it breaks the 'clean' fell of my site. Any thoughts nice people?

    View my site:
  • A responsive site that adjusts itself dependent on device, screen size & orientation
  • Trying to keep up with web technology is an impossible task, however I have tried to drag myself up to date with a responsive website for my portfolio. As all designers will know all to well, it is very hard to ever be 100% happy with something you design for yourself. But I am pretty pleased with how this project has turned out, and now look forward to keeping it up to date with my work.
    Thanks for looking, you can visit the site at I hope you like it :)
  • It all started with (another) logo redesign. Based on the idea of design as communication,
    my logo became a simple speech bubble
  • The site uses Java to dynamically decide whether a Lightbox is needed for large displays,
    or if the source image loads to fill a smaller sized screen - such as an iPhone
  • Retina resolution graphics - for a beautiful experience on an iPhone5