Research on Copying behaviour

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  • Graphic Design - Research on Copying Behavior

    This is a school assignment wich I did on copying behavior within the design industry.
    Now a days it is really simple to just copy paste some-one else's work and put your own name on it.

    To give this topic more attention i initiated a campaign. The book is part of the campaign, I tried to make a original layout with lots of white-space in the typography to keep the text readable  and there is a need to turn the book during reading. Active reading. 

    The book had a soft touch with a real leather cover. The cover is made of recycled material, the leather was original from an old couch. 
    It had an open bound back and a sleeve to keep the book closed.
    The book is my vision of making original and fresh work.

    With the book are 17 posters (only a few posted) wich can be placed in a advertorial campaign.
  • The poster images below are an illustration of what could be done with copy-paste work. It is to make a statement. 
    The research i have made stimulates creating new images to create an authentic visual culture.