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An AR installation mysticizing digital reality with a distinctly digital aesthetic
Res Cogitans is my graduate art piece for the Fine Art Media Course at the National College of Art and Design. It is an installation that combines glitched illustrations and Augmented Reality technology to challenge how the viewer relates to digital space. The illustrations act as reference markers in the installation space and, when viewed through the Junaio AR application, produce life-sized digital sculptures that the viewer can then move around. It was constructed using the Junaio AR application, Nick Briz's Glitch Codec guide and Maya.
An overarching theme in my work is the comparison between digital reality and early concepts of spiritual reality. I see Res Cogitans as the greatest articulation of this idea. This artwork aims to draw comparisons between the amoral,tribal idea of the spirit world and the digital environments that people today are "living in". As our society becomes more enmeshed with this new dimension the common perception of these technologies as mere convenience or entertainment do not reflect the gravity of their impact and so the paradigm of the spirit world must be used to reflect the intimacy it has with everyday human experience. Being an embodiment of ancient human desires the digital becomes more "natural" as opposed to something alien.The glitch aesthetic within the work is aimed to act as a symbol for the hidden layers of digital systems and challenge the viewer to reconsider his/her engagement with digital life.