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Layout and Graphic Design work for Republic Polytechnic Course Booklets
Republic Polytechnic Course Booklets
Somehow I wonder if the classic pictures used in School prospectus booklets actually fool anybody. After all, if you enroll in any school, if its any good, you will studying your ass off; not likely to be posing for photos with an assembly of friends that look like a youth U.N. council. 

Anyhow, job of the day was to design course booklets for Republic Poly which had quite a different approach to learning. It was called PBL or problem based learning in which teachers hand out problems to be worked out by the end of the day. Quite hands on if you ask me.  

So I went with a much more raw, cut and paste look with individual style sets used for each course. Happily each school of the poly had their own school colour allowing me to go to town with them and easily differentiate each course booklet.