Remagine Power Analyzer

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  • Remagine Power Analyzer
    Case design for diagnostic equipment
  • Power Analyzer is a product of RMG Technologies Ltd. It is a revolutionally automatic tool for commercial building owners and  manufacturing companies to reduce electricity and maintenance costs, stabilise production processes and increase building management safety.

    Our task was to design a unique casing that can protect the inner electronic components from dust and other threats possible in industrial environments. It also has to fit safety regulations.

    Our design goal was to create a product that looks like a professional and reliable tool, with a style that differs from any other product in the segment. The customer's request was to find a motif or a form-linguistic element that can be used in future products establishing a design line. We managed to do this with the strong dashed separation of the two body elements, an essential connection is made between the functional structure and the design style. 
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