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    project is a set of two site-specific installations, based on interactive and communicating projections.It has been commissioned by Magnitudo ass., in occasion of “E-Artquake” in Avellino, an electronic art exhibition set for commemorating the 30th anniversary of the 1980’s earthquake in Irpinia.

    “N” is a sonic elaboration of different numerical data of the earthquake: the cold digits concerning the deceases, wounded, collapsed buildings, are the particles that give life to a new sensorial experience. Sound of tensions, life and death through electrical buzzing and earth breaths, re-interpretate poetically the soundscape of the event itself. A transmutation of what is abstract in his acquisition process: data, numbers, words; with the immersion in analog frequencies. Each of the 6 numerical sequences is counting in 90 seconds (the time of the quake) the digits of the tragedy while each of the associated 6 speakers is evolving and modifying its sound according interactively to the arrays. The sounds that surround the space are than analyzed back from the computer that visualizes them into land-extrusions graphics. As the visitors enter in the sound space with their bodies and their sonic presence, the graphics then modify their shapes sensibly. As the count ends, the sound and the visuals stop to start the loop again after few seconds.

  • “Construction 3.0″ is instead an interactive projection where old pictures of Avellino just after the earthquake are shown. During the days before the exhibition we have been taking pictures of the same exact buildings shot from the same angle, but yet rebuild. Walking in front of the projection affects like a time-warp the image, which fades between the old destruction and the new reconstructed views by the movements of the users. Waving hands and covering the “sensitive” area ( detected by an infrared camera ), let the people ideally rebuild the city with an eraser-wake effect between the two different times.