Refurbishment Expo Zaragoza

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  • Refurbishment Expo Zaragoza
    Photographed by Daniel Schäfer
  • The project is carried out on the original created by the engineers IDOM after winning a public tender.
    It consists of the refurbishment of the whole complex of "multi-pavillon buildings" in a large business park which will become the largest in Spain. We can distinguish between 3 sub-groups with pre-existing forms which have to be maintained: the Ronda buildings - more linear in shape, but with undulating facades-, the Ebro buildings - shape like a wateter droplet - and the Actur building. In all cases there are plans for intermediate floors to allow passage from two levels at a height of eight meters to four at four metres.  The project has sought to transform the roofline into useful and pleasant spaces for the user, from which you can see the river and part of the city that surrounds it.Starting point was a structural skeleton and the project reuses some of the previous installations. The different volumes, jutting out with sinuous forms, remain consistent with its function and harmony with its essence, projecting color and dynamic outwards.

    Architects: Estudio Lamela, Spain
    Size: 164.300 m2, 83.700 m2 ground floor
    Budget: 202.000.000 EUR
    Type: invited competition
    Status: in progress
    Client: EXPOZARAGOZA 2008, S.A.
  • The Ronda buildings are completed, work has begun on the of Actur buildings.
  • The RECICLA project has sought above all as much recycling and renovation as possible, respecting the proposal and philosophy of Expo 2008.