• "What we observe in the past reappear in the presence of the new, filtered by the force of memory of things, allowing a new look, with a critical sense. It's the memory that forms the eye, allowing the deformation of objects, that is, when we look at any one object, architectural or not, he is transfigured when crossed with the memory of what we have lived, "
                                                                                                                       in, Luis Urbano on Resetting the Urban World .

    The project is the result of reflections from wandering in different places of the city, look for passages where the urban fabric make vivid in memory, building a distorted mental image of different objects observed.

    The need to make this image a two dimensional reality leads me to register on camera with a wide angle lens,  different points of view, making successive passes through the objects.

    In this individual record, I convert different perspectives and fragments of memory from each passage into pieces of a large living panorama.

    Using the photo montage, I regroup the various elements of a landscape image that reflects the new reality of an architectural space adjusted to the same memory that I have retained from the past.

    This is the result of Reflections ... renewed and surprising insight into a living space full of memories.

  • Almeida Garrett Library
  • Boa Nova Tea House
  • Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
  • West bar from Casa da Música
  • Entrance of Porto Palácio Hotel
  • Edifício Transparente 
    Transparent Building