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Concept art and Intro clip for potential animation series / film.
Reel is an animation series / film concept created by Matt Roby and Pickled Circus Productions.
This Portfolio showcases the project's artwork, including character designs, backdrop visuals and an animated intro clip .
Somewhere out in the deepest depths of space, there exists a Silver Screen solar system; home to the film planets, Movie Star and Reel.
Movie Star is a glamourous, movie making machine, a world constantly churning out top notch films; everything made there is perfect and everyone living there is perfect....However any actors who fail to live up to Movie Star's high standards, are cut, and sent packing to Reel. 
This shabby world is home to many Movie Star misfits and cast offs who don't conform to stereotype, they're different and think for themselves. In every sense the characters who dwell on Reel, are real!
There's comedians that aren’t funny; horror characters who are friendly and romantics that are loveless! However it's the devilish Director's task to recondition these cast offs, to transform them into perfect stereotypes. And all was going to plan, until a newcomer arrives on Reel....