Reef world

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  • Fantasea cruises is an award winning Australian Cruise Line Company located in the Whitsundays, the world famous Great Barrier Reef. Fantasea Cruises is the operator of Reef World, Australia’s largest floating pontoon facility.
    Spending a day at Reef World is like stepping out of your everyday life and into a dream. Not only can you step below deck to the viewing chamber where you can get an up-close look at life underwater, but visitors also have an opportunity to dive below the surface and swim amongst the coral with tropical fish.
    In order to accurately represent the amazing experience that only a visit to Reef World can bring, a dreamy design that perpetuates the notion of  “fantasea” was needed to invite potential guests, and to give them a taste of what is on offer at Reef World.
    The contents and acknowledgements pages, as well as the cover, utilize a dreamy, relaxed design with brightly coloured accents to represent the coral reefs that can be explored at Reef World. Turn the page and you will be presented with entire spreads of spectacular images of the reef, with simple white text that ties in with the overall design but that doesn’t take away from the breathtaking scenery depicted.
    A browse through the book is an inviting experience that will leave you wanting more, and only a trip to Reef World to experience the ‘fantasea’ world that is the Great Barrier Reef will satisfy.