Reebok • REESET

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  • Project: Reeset
    Client: Reebok
    Reeset is an interactive sneaker that designs itself based on the user. Promoting an active and diverse lifestyle, Reeset keeps track of daily experiences, and generates a visual representation on the shoe.
    Five e-ink panels placed on each shoe act as screens for design sets. Reeset is powered by piezoelectric foils mounted on the sole and heel surface, that harvest energy from the user’s movement. A power level indicates how much energy has been stored. The Reeset app communicates with the footwear using Bluetooth, managing sets and keeping track of the user’s progress. Each life experience unlocks a new set, making REESET the most customizable and unique sneaker on the market.
    Team: Mehera O'Brien (CD), Matei Curtasu (CW/AD), Annamaria Zollet (AD), Diego Fonseca (3D)
    Year: 2013