• My Dad gave me the first book of Brain Jacques Redwall series when I was in fifth grade. From that day on I would read his books each day after school for years.
    Some may not consider his writing of the highest sort, or not to be compared with the classics of children's literature, but many like myself have grown to love Jacques imagination as well as any other.
    A soft spot is reserved in my heart for the author himself who passed away nearly two years ago. Jacques life was no less exciting than the stories he wrote, holding at different times jobs such as: sailor, comedian, bus driver, boxer, police constable, and postmaster.
    In their origin, the Redwall novels were written by Jacques to be read to the children of the Royal Wavertree School for the Blind in Liverpool, England.  A school which Brian worked for as a bus driver. This small information about the novels history give us great insight into why the books are so descriptively written. Brian painted pictures in the minds of those children. A better write up of Brian's life and history are featured on the official Redwall site.
    Please stay tuned as I continue adding to this collection!