Redesign of an LED downlight

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  • Brief:
    Design a new LED “downlight” solution.

    Criteria for success:

    New points of competitive opportunity: (Solution should deliver in part or completely)
    1. Installation should be fast and easy for the electrician.
    2. Retro-fit to existing holes in ceilings containing older technology fittings of different hole sizes.

    Current competitive expectations: (Should be considered and integrated to solution where possible)
    1. Needs to meet fire ratings BS 476 part 21.
    2. Adjustable in horizontal and vertical angles.
    3. Removable colour trims to be incorporated.
    4. IP65 rated for use in bathrooms.

    Additionally, consider the ‘end user’ needs identified, translate into opportunities for competitive advantage and factor into your design. This will be based on your own research and investigation.
  • Final Product Board
  • Ball and socket joint allowing vetical and horizontal angle adjustment
  • One Push Installation
  • As part of our project we were asked to chose a specific environment i.e. retail, office, home and create 3 research boards under the headings "Style", "Installation" and "End User". We based our research on the retail environment. Below are the final 3 research boards.
  • Research Board 2 - Installation process of fitting
  • Research Board 3 - End User
  • Early Prototype
  • Final Prototype
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