Redesign of Mack Arctic beer

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  • Mack Arctic Beer. Redesign
  • This project is a collaboration with Mack brewery and Tank Design. The creative team consisted of  Bjørn Viggo Ottem, Bernt Ottem and myself. 3d renderings were done by Torgeir Holm at

    Here's  the brief given by the client:
    Mack’s number one-product, Arctic Beer, was changed from being a standalone product, to a series including Light and Ice versions. The client wanted a modern and young look with similarities from the predecessor – while at the same time being something new and fresh.
    The solution extends and simplifies the elements that were the mainstay of the identity, but with more emphasis on the brand name and the cold freshness. The arctic purity, the clear and fresh water it is made of, and the brewery being the worlds northernmost, is the very base of the concept. It shows off in the clear blue color and ice sharp arrow that points you in the northern direction. It is freezing cold. It is refreshingly tasty. It is Arctic Beer.”

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