Redesign. -BMW water bottle concept Handforce

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  • This is a redesign of the BMW bottle in less than 2 sheets of A3 paper. Originally, the bottle is for BMW motorcycle expeditions, however I wanted to design for in car use, especially afer having seen the new series of the car.
  • The question here is: what is BMW? how would I portray 'handforce' which is the concept?
  • initial sketches of different ideas and functions of the bottle
  • The function of the bottle here is the shape of the area in contact with the mouth. This is circular therefore is very ergonomical to the mouth of the user. There is also the diamond shaped structure that makes pouring drinks easier.
  • study of the shape of the bottle crushed by hand 
    (I sprayed the bottle to simplify the details of the bottle, this enables me to concentrate on the lightings)