Redbubble Projects

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  • Promotional flyers, coupons, and web ads
  • Redbubble – a great design crowd-sourcing textile manufacturer with artists and designers hailing from around the globe – contacted me to design some promotional material ranging from printed inserts to email marketing graphics and web ads. Redbubble's smart and modern brand system was well established, which made my job to design for their brand and adhere to their existing look. 
    Here's a sampling of some of the projects Redbubble and I have worked on together:
  • A two-sided insert for customer orders in December delivers a front message inspiring an immediate purchase of Redbubble gift certificates for last minute Christmas gifts, and the back rewards Christmas "survivors" with a 15% off Redbubble purchase (for those Santa forgot). The graphics needed different visuals for different messages, but my illustration additions kept both designs in a similar visual space.
  • Redbubble occasionally throws get-togethers for the artists and designers that contribute to their product line, and "SF1" was the first of these in the Bay Area. I recreated their trademark "bubble" logo using "SF1" with a San Francisco city silhouette skyline, and created a clean layout to bulletpoint the major information, leaving space for the witty body copy.
  • An acutely segmented web ad was needed to entice fans of british television show Dr. Who to purchase Redbubble's Dr. Who product line. This ad's non-traditional image area and busy surrounding page graphics presented a bit of a design problem. My solution was a white-space heavy ad complete with custom illustrations and relaxing animation points to draw the viewer in and push them to Redbubble's website.
  • A coupon mailer for 15% off rewarding existing customers on the front and showcasing some excellent Redbubble designs on the back.