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Promotional poster for a mobile app that allows traveling students to find places to stay while on their foreign (and local) academic adventures.
RedKnot Promo Poster
Digital Print - ~18x24"
I was commissioned to create a poster for a mobile app that helps traveling students find a place to stay while on their adventures. Creative freedom was widespread throughout this project and I had come up with a few ideas and sketches that I thought conveyed the point well. Below is the final piece, some details to each, and some sketches at the bottom.
My concept was to show the bird (a Redknot bird) with a backpack and some travel gear at 
the cliff of a hike, looking down below for a place to stay. With his phone, he's able to see all the places, some available and some not. 
Usually my sketches are very very rough, but in this case I wanted to use some new digital brushes I had created and also purchased. I used a black pen brush and a very low opacity cover ink brush - this process helped me a lot here. I'm not sure how often I'll digitally sketch but i had fun with this one.
The poster is for print so I wanted to add some fun, smaller detail for anyone that was close enough to see it
Here's an early sketch of an alternative concept. This was a first person perspective where everything through the viewport of the iphone would have a UI overlayed, and everything outside would be normal. I thought the portrait layout would work better with the other style.
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