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A final project for my Motion Graphics 1 class
RedBull - "Be Legendary"

For my first foray into AfterEffects, I chose RedBull as a product, and a storybook style as a premise. My idea consisted of making the Red Bull a legendary creature, a la a Griffen or a Dragon. In order to do that however, it was necessary to give the creature a backstory. Drawing inspiration from the tale of "The Last Unicorn", I drew a parallel between the Red Bull and the titular beast. In the story of "The Last Unicorn", the Red Bull is the main antagonist. In my story, I wanted to show a "raised by wolves" situation, where the Red Bull finds himself being raised by Unicorns, and then defending them against another of its kind when the going gets tough.

I hand drew every single asset for this project. Below are some of the still images.
A few black and whites - drawn in pencil using various references, then inked with Sigma Micron Pens, and finally scanned into Photoshop where I move on to the coloring phase.
Here are those same images now colored. Beyond this step, I isolated the images from their white backgrounds to create individual plates and slides for use in the final piece.
And finally here are a few stills from the Final cut.

The Final Video can be viewed below on Vimeo. I may one day revisit and re-do this concept, but for now, enjoy it for what it is!