Red Riding Hood - Fairytale Rhyme

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  • This is a re-representation of the old time fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. This version is adapted from Roald Dhal’s Revolting Rhymes. My interpretation of the story combines Roald Dhal’s Little Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs where the wolf and red riding hood become the main characters of the story. Two stories are represented as one title Red Riding Hood where the seemingly innocent girl turns out to be the “big bad wolf”.

    The concept of the book was to slowly reveal to readers the real “big bad wolf”. Each spread features an illustration on the left. The illustration on each page uses the same wolf silhouette with small changes that reflect the story on the right. As the story progress and more about the real “big bad wolf” is revealed, more red is added into the spreads. Until finally, readers see the same wolf silhouette worn by