Red Dwarf - Cardboard Sculpture

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  • Red Dwarf - Papercraft / Cardboard Sculpture
    Or, 'How To Drive Yourself Slowly Insane'
  • So, I've always had a fascination with building things out of cardboard and I decided to take on the Jupiter Mining Corporation's most famous dilapidated space ship, Red Dwarf. Personally, I like a cardboard model that isn't ashamed to be a cardboard model so I made the decision to leave it 'natural# rather than actually make it red, however it has also received a digital paint job, as seen below. 

    Hard to say how long this actually took me - if I wasn't spending several days building hexagon shapes out of card then I was spending several days applying hundreds of tiny cut-out windows or getting covered in super glue. Altogether, I'd say it probably took me 2-3 weeks. 
  • So, now we've gotten a ruddy good look at the ugly bugger, let me take you through the construction process.
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