Red Bull - The Life of FMX Legend Robbie Maddison

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  • The Life of FMX Legend Robbie Maddison
    Milkmoney Films
  • To describe Robbie Maddison in brief is like trying to fit 43 people into a VW Beetle, it just ain't gonna happen. If you were to try and describe Maddo in one word, it can only be "nutter". He and his motorcycle bend the law
    of physics as he jumps over, on, off or through some of the most incredible things your mind can imagine. 

    He's jumped over a football field, held world records for the longest distance jumped on a motorcycle (with a trick thrown in for good measure!), he jumped onto a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, then just for fun, jumped back down. He backflipped over the opened Tower Bridge in London, leapt over 300 feet across the Corinth Canal and most recently jumped close to 400 feet over the San Diego Harbour with friend Levi Lavallee on a snowmobile next to him. 

    Starting to get the picture? On top of all that, Robbie is also one of the most feared FMX competitors in the world. When he should be concentrating on those mammoth leaps, he comes out and wins X Games medals and X-Fighters trophies just because he can. In this profile Robbie talks candidly about the injuries and scars his body has sustained in his quest to dream big.
    Director: Ethan McLean
    Executive Producer: Matt Taylor
    DOP: Nathan Barlow
    Assistant:  Don Buppapirak
    Editor: Jay Hall
    Milkmoney Films for Red Bull Australia 2012