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Second year assignment for History, Culture and Context Paper.
To be an effective professional designer it is necessary to understand not only how how to produce design, but to understand how design works in a social context. That is, it is important to know what design means and how it operates. Semiotics is one tool to help us uncover the meaning of design. 
Reflective Practice // "Looking at the signifiersof the Pall Mall packaging, it was clear to see that the selected typefaces andlack of finishing detail brought the product across as cheap. A target marketof lower class was suggested by the packaging, which was what I achieved whenredesigning the labelling for a Red Bull bottle. By changing the label materialto a gloss paper rather than metallic, and keeping the poorly designed offcentred title off the Pall Mall packet, I feel as though I have reduced thevalue of the product immensely through its visual appearance.
Modifying the Cigarette packet to make it look slightly upper class and edgywas achieved by using the simple vector and symmetry seen in the iconic RedBull design. The target market would now be middle to upper class, or forpeople that are young, sporty and up to date with the latest trends."