Red Bull Logo Redesign

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  • Red Bull Logo Redesign
    Out with the bull
  • In one opportunity we were given the challenge of redesigning the Red Bull Energy Drink logo.  I worked on simplifying the design (getting rid of the fighting bulls) and bring motion / tension / and excitement (the lines on the sides of the words and the angle) to the logo in a different way.  My resulted logo is what shows, seems like a throw back logo?  Something retro?  Still keeps to Red Bull being the different energy drink from the pack!

    Please take note that everything shown here was printed on a digital paper with a slight off-white color and shine to it to give the feeling of the can but to not be overpowering.  This aspect acted almost like a whole different addition to the design. 
  • The logo on it's own.
  • Business card example (front).
  • Business card example (back).
  • Envelope Design Die Cut.
  • Letter Head (front).
  • Printed out on metallic finish paper