MyLifeIn20Years.com is a campaign site that promotes a Sundance Channel original show called ‘Rectify’.  The concept of the site was to create a social network that dynamically writes a narrative that parallels the experiences of Rectify’s main character Daniel Holden. Through this fictional social network, we give people an impactful first person experience of being wrongly accused of murder, spending 20 years in jail, losing most of their friends, and having to re-adjust to a whole new world. Throughout this experience we introduce visitors to characters, plot lines, background history, and visuals of the show.
    The site uses Facebook’s connect api to analyze a person’s friends, likes, and basic interactions ( like who comments most on your feed ) to determine what friends may stick around and who may disown you. After compiling this data, we create a unique storyline that can change on each visit.

    I directed, designed, and branded the site to reflect a social network 20 years into the future. I chose a clean aesthetic to complement the advanced 3D environment that allows users to travel through time to gather clues as to why they were in prison for 20 years. I paid special attention to type, iconography, colors, animations, and imagery so that I could deliver an experience that not only feels futuristic but also allows the transfer of emotions and trials from the main character of Rectify to every user that visits this site in a very personal way.

    My roles were concept, direction, design, branding, and some motion.
    A huge thanks to the development and motion teams for an amazing build.

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