Record Remix- Shelving System

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  • Record Remix Wall Shelf

    As one of the projects done in Design 3, we had to make a readymade product and submit it to the Readymade magazine. I took 4 records, glued them together, made 2 cuts, 4 holes and 3 heat bends to create a record shelf strong enough for your ihome

  • By cutting and glueing records together, I was able to find the thickness that provided the most strength while maintaining its shape when formed.

  • Bend test on record thicknesses.

  • By applying heat to the vinyl record, it becomes maleable enough to take on any shape and form. Once cool, the record regains its rigidity and stays to the shape.

  • By using a vinyl adhesive that is heat resilliant, the records are able to stay glued together while being formed with heat.

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