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Set designed for KitchenAid appliances
Reclaiming Philly    KitchenAid
Concept, Design Coordination, Creative Direction, Photography Direction, Retouching
This KitchenAid set was inspired by a client swipe of a cozy Italian bistro, with the idea of renovating a spectacular space and giving it new life. Philadelphia was chosen as the desired location during the design collaboration process between Jodie Miller, Myra Jewell, and Kristen Hiestand of the Shadowlight Group. Retouching supervision, Jodie Miller and Myra Jewell, retouching Jesse Holloway.

We chose to harness the bright, clean, natural sunlight with existing windows and skylights. We utilize the existing concrete and brick walls to define the professional flavor of the Pro-Style KitchenAid appliances. An artistic flavor was given to 2 built-in 36" refrigerators for a 72" refrigeration center, utilizing custom multi-level wood overlays panels to compliment the reclaimed style.
Photographed with Pro-Style 48" dual range and 48" grill/griddle cooktop 'swap out' it nods to culinary excellence. This kitchen's sprawling center island, attached serving area, and exposed family room with baby grand piano, further elevate the floorplan.
All raw materials were chosen to be indigenous of the Philly area, as the room accents were chosen to add a modern edge to this open KitchenAid experience.