Receitas.com was born to be the recipes platform for Globo.com. It is collaborative and also brings all the recipes from the Globo TV shows. After launched, the team run usability tests with users and, with results in hands, started to make a lot of usability changes in the site.

    At this point I came up to the project and was given one mission: change it to be visually more feminine, more tasty, more yammy. Still, it should maintain Globo.com DNA (clean, white, elegant). And should carry on the work based in the usability tests.

    In addition, the product was taking a very high priority in SEO, what influenced in a lot of design decisions. That was a good learning time to me, and I became much more familiar with SEO (and a bit frustrated with Google, but never mind).

    Along with the visual design and usability changes, we played a lot with the user cookbook and started think beyond: we are doing lots of efforts to catch users from search engines, and what are we doing to keep them around? How are we encouraging the users to start using the site, save recipes in their cookbooks, send their recipes?

    So we worked reinforcing call to action and guiding the user to create a cookbook on the site, introducing suggested recipes based in a brief preferences questionnaire (and wich were refined along the use of the site). Also, we offered an activity feed – until that moment, the user only knew if there was a new comment in his recipe by checked directly, for example. Following other chefs was also an important feature implemented. This feed was also sent by e-mail in a given range of time, in case the user was a little busy to remember checking the site (and we know they are!). By last, we made a “miss you” e-mail with suggested recipes in case the user spent a lot of time without visiting us.

    2011/2012 – Globo.com