Rebranding The Flemish Social Democratic Party

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  • As a part of my masterthesis at Sint Lucas Antwerp about graphic design in politics I rebranded the Flemish social democratic party. The rebrand included a new logo and visual language, with posters, a new website, stationery, …
  • I chose to work with the SP.A because of the interesting collaboration between the socialist movement and artists/designers that has existed throughout history. Another reason was that the SP.A had just gone through an ideological modernisation, which provided a good base for a rebranding.
  • For the logo I chose to use a stylized version of the well-known socialist red flag. For a party that is trying to position itself as more leftist, it is a perfect icon.
  • Above is a small sample of the many, many drafts I went through.
  • An important part of the rebrand was to put more emphasis on the message, and less on the politicians themselves. I created a series of posters with statements derived from the new ideological declaration (these are of course in dutch).
  • The idea of putting more emphasis on the political vision of the SP.A is further continued in the new website. For example, I created a searchable database of their views on different subjects, which makes it easy for the user to find exactly what s/he cares about.
  • The rebrand also included a wide range of printed matter, including a booklet with the new ideological declaration and stationery.
  • (Please note that everything you see here is my interpretation, and does not necessarily represent the exact vision of the SP.A.)