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Packaging and advertisement for a store-ready espresso line designed to be a subsidiary of WIRED magazine.
C U T  T H E  G L I T C H .  G E T   T H E  K I C K . 
DESIGNED AS a potential sub-brand for WIRED magazine and its dedicated fan base, Reboot is aimed to enter the market of ready-made coffee/espresso drinks alongside existing brands such as Illy, Seattle’s Best, and of course, Starbucks. Part of differentiating the Reboot experience was getting down to the core of the target demographic – the avid readers of WIRED, the late-night video gamers, the cyberspace junkies – essentially the techie crowd that loves and seeks the energy and the sweetness of a late night brew... in a can. Though this may be perceived to be a niche market, research found there to be plenty of space for entry into the coffee sphere, especially with younger generations growing into an increasingly electronic world.
THE AIM OF THE DESIGN of Reboot was to illustrate subtle parallels between humans and computers. Computers and electronics run on electricity, and people run on an assortment of energies – the specific being the delight of caffeine, an energy source both wanted and needed by consumers. That coffee has been a staple in people’s lives for hundreds of years necessitated a vintage-modern aesthetic for the design, so a mid-century feel was adopted with a rectilinear pattern, which may be interpreted as computer circuits. The color palette is limited, keeping within hues that resemble and evoke images of coffee and energy. The logo is a custom lettering to reinforce the structured imagery, though the packaging is cylindrical to balance the rectilinear forms.

I F  Y O U  L I K E D  I T ,  H I T   T H E   B U T T O N   B E L O W !