Rebel Music 2011

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  • Rebel Music 2011
  • Posters for Rebel Music. Client: Rub-a-Dub / Rebel Music
  • Rebel Music needed a poster and was missing a logo. I was requested to make the name Rebel Music stand out on the poster by applying a different typeface on the name to create the sense of a logo. 
    I chose to use a retro typeface with simple shapes and went for a minimalistic design inspired by old cassette tape covers. The poster where designed in three versions that together assembles the trademark of reggae; Red, Gold and Green and thereby show where many of the acts got their influences from.
    I also created a couple of flyers for use on the web, featuring the posters all three together on a wooden background.
  • Web-flyer
  • Web-flyer
  • Web-flyer